Dr. Byron Poindexter

Board certified plastic surgeon at The Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery, serving Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC.

Dr. Byron PoindexterThank you for visiting Dr. Byron Poindexter’s personal website! We hope this site will be a resource to you to learn more about Dr. Poindexter as a surgeon and as a person. For most people, the decision to have plastic surgery is a major one.  Even basic research  into your desired procedures can feel overwhelming.  The best first step to learning more about your possibilities is to schedule an appointment for a free consultation with Dr. Poindexter, a board-certified plastic surgeon at The Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic  Surgery.

At The Austin-Weston Center, located in the Northern Virginia suburb of Reston, VA, convenient to Washington, DC and Maryland and right next door to Dulles International Airport, we know that you can’t be comfortable with your decision to have cosmetic surgery unless you are comfortable with your cosmetic surgeon.  A complimentary consultation with Dr. Poindexter can go a long way towards making you feel more at ease with the process, but Dr. Poindexter understands that just the thought of a consultation can be daunting.  The decision to have plastic surgery is one of the most personal and private choices an individual can make—and so is making the decision to explore that possibility.

Dr. Byron Poindexter and his wife Kristy“Even the most confident people can feel nervous discussing their most personal information in a cosmetic surgery consultation,” says Dr. Poindexter.  “This is completely normal. After all, during  a consultation you will talk to me and my staff about your hopes, dreams, and any concerns or insecurities that may have drawn you to consider plastic surgery.

“You’re baring not just your physical body to people you’ve just met, but parts of your soul, too,” continues Dr. Poindexter. “Who wouldn’t  be at least a little nervous about that? I’ve been performing cosmetic surgery exclusively for 14 years. During that time, I’ve listened to many people talk about their most heartfelt goals, motivations, and their fears.  I do my very best to put myself in the shoes of every new patient who comes to see me.  A consultation with me is a no-judgment zone.

“It’s a humbling experience and a privilege to have people put that kind of trust in you. I take that responsibility very seriously.  No matter what my surgical recommendation for each individual will ultimately be, I believe that everyone’s feelings about themselves, their bodies and self-image, and their lives  are real and come from a deeply authentic place in the self.  I have great empathy and respect for people who share those feelings with me and my staff.  Whether they schedule surgery or not, I let each person I meet know that they matter to me and to The Austin-Weston Center.

“No one will ever be pressured to have surgery, and in fact, I routinely advise patients against procedures that I don’t believe are right for them,” concludes Dr. Poindexter. “I care about the best outcome for each person, and every patient and every patient concern is of equal importance to me. Whether you’re interested in, for example, a facelift or perhaps only Botox, you and I will talk through your options together, as a team.”

Your privacy, safety, and physical and emotional well-being are of paramount importance to everyone at the Austin-Weston Center.  We are committed to providing a safe, private environment for our patients at every stage of the cosmetic surgery process, from the first visit to our Center through surgery and beyond.  We invite you to come in for a complimentary, personal consultation with Dr. Poindexter. Please call 703-893-6168 and our caring staff will be delighted to schedule your appointment.